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Breathalyzer Not Used In Annapolis, MD DWI/DUI Cases

Did you know that if you are pulled over for a Howard County DUI, you won't have to perform a Breathalyzer? That's right. The state of Maryland will not give you the option of whether or not to use a Breathalyzer. Instead, you will be offered the "Intoximeter EC-IR II." The Toxicologist for the State of Maryland has certified the Intoximeter EC-IR-II, instead of a breath instrument that is built and maintained by the Breathalyzer corporation. Find out how a breath test can affect your Howard County DWI by speaking with a Maryland drunk driving lawyer from Jimeno and Gray. Call 410-590-9401 for more information.

Annapolis DUI Lawyer Dissuses .08 Legal Limit

If you are arrested for suspicion of driving drunk in Maryland, the officer will ask you to submit to a breath test. If you blow a .08 -- the legal limit in Maryland -- or higher, you will likely be charged with the offense of DUI, per se. This means the officer, and a judge, will automatically assume you are intoxicated because of your test results. If you blow a .07, however, the prosecution still has a strong case against you, as a .07 usually results in a prima facia case in favor of the state. Prima facia means a fact presumed to be true, unless it is disproved. The state could assume you are intoxicated because of the .07, since it is just below the .08 mark, unless your Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer can prove it isn't true. If you can provide other evidence, such as witnesses who were with you the night of the alleged drunk driving incident who can attest you were not intoxicated, you may be able to prove your innocence. Additionally, obtaining field sobriety test results that show your coordination wasn't impaired by alcohol, could be your potential defense against these charges. A lawyer from Jimeno and Gray wants to discuss your case with you, and may be able to help. Call 410-590-9401 for more information.

How To Request A Howard County DWI MVA Hearing Now!

You've been arrested for a DWI in Howard County. Now what? The officer probably gave you temporary license, along with an MVA hearing request form. Knowing what to do with each would be helpful. Here, a Howard County DWI lawyer offers some advice. First, you'll want to fill out the form correctly. In the area that states, "I certify under penalty of perjury that I do not have a Maryland driver's license in my possession to return with this hearing request because, write, "the officer took my license." Next, fill out the spaces that ask for your date of birth, license number and address. If you have an attorney, provide his or her information, as well. This helps your attorney and the Office of Administrative Hearings coordinate a date for your hearing. If you turn the form in within ten days of your arrest, your license will not become suspended and you'll still be able to drive, at least until your hearing. Turning the form in between 11 and 30 days of your arrest may result in you having your license suspended in between when the temporary license expires and the date of your hearing. Finally, submitting the form after 30 days will result in a license suspension and denial of your hearing request. Send your form, with the $150 filing fee, through certified mail and request a return receipt. Doing so gives you proof that you sent the form, and proof the MVA received the form. To answer your questions about your case, call Jimeno and Gray at 410-590-9401. Call to schedule an appointment in our Howard County office, conveniently located in Columbia.