Can a Columbia DUI lawyer help with implied consent laws?

If you’ve just been pulled over for supsicion of drunk driving, but refused to take a breathalyzer or field sobriety test, you are in violation of the implied consent law. A Columbia DUI lawyer can help you with your situation and give you the support you need.

What Is Implied Consent?

When you received your driver’s license, you signed a paper that told the state you would submit to testing if you were pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. When you go back on your word, you can get in trouble with the law, which is why you’ll need to have a Howard County drunk driving lawyer working for you.

Implied Consent Penalties

If you refuse to take such tests, you go against the implied consent laws. Therefore, you’ll be subject to certain punishments, including having your license revoked. A Maryland DUI attorney can fight for your rights during this time and attempt to help keep your penalties to a minimum.

If you need help fighting these implied consent charges, contact a Columbia DUI lawyer from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., at (410) 590-9401. Be sure to ask for your free copy of The ABCs of DWIs, written by Maryland DUI lawyer, Gregory Jimeno.

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