Full Demonstration: Maryland Child Support Calculator

maryland child support calculator

Every state is different when it comes to the expense of child support. Maryland is similar to other states, and the Maryland Child Support Calculator (the state’s formula for child support guidelines) gives us a way figure out what you’ll owe.

Frank Gray, partner here at Jimeno Gray, filmed an in-depth walkthrough of the guidelines so you can have a clear understanding of the factors that affect how much you might owe.

The Maryland Child Support Calculator: How Do the Guidelines Work?

We created a detailed, helpful video explaining how the Maryland child support calculator software gives the court a formula for determining payments. Many variables and factors go into the payment calculations, and MD child support can vary widely depending on income, number of children, and much more.

Watch divorce attorney Frank Gray walk you through multiple examples in this video below from our YouTube channel.

Maryland Child Support Enforcement Program

Child support is governed. Although it may seem like it but its not just something you can pay if you want to pay. Knowing how much you owe or might owe is critical to know if you want to continue to see your family. Maryland Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP) is the human resources government organization that’s set aside to work with you. The organization will take care of a variety of child support items, these include:

  • Making sure the order is enforced
  • Collecting and sending off the money
  • Obtain any court orders – for instance like requesting health insurance
  • Modifying any child support amount

Visit the Maryland Child Support Calculator page on the Maryland myDHR website.

What Happens When You Don’t Comply With the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Program?

Child Support EstimatorThe organization has power to do many things. They can garnish wages if you’re not paying and work with your employer to make sure you don’t receive the amount you owe. This also includes withholding tax refunds, and even keeping them.

In Maryland they have the ability to contact the credit bureau to make sure it leaves some damage on your credit. One tactic that shocks many folks around Maryland is their ability to get a driver’s license suspended.

The organization has been forced to get stricter over the years with many parents making the decision to neglect child support.

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