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Suppose you are considering a divorce and live in Annapolis, Maryland. In that case, choosing an Annapolis divorce lawyer from our Jimeno & Gray, P.A. firm is your best bet to keep things as straightforward as possible. Our Divorce attorney can help save you time and money by getting your dissolution proceedings started without any major snags or uncertainties that could arise from employing an unqualified attorney.

Over the years, our firm has helped countless people with their family law needs. We have the experience required to guide you through the complexities of divorce in Maryland. Our lawyers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce law and Maryland family law, which means you never have to worry about whether they will know how to handle your case properly or not. Our services include :

Separation Agreements

Couples commonly use separation agreements to ensure that their property will be divided fairly while still leaving them with enough property left to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Our Maryland divorce lawyers can help you reach an agreement that is suitable for both of you. Including a separation agreement in your divorce can greatly benefit you, especially if you are open to negotiating. The main advantage of a separation agreement is that you will use the terms to ensure that each party is comfortable and secure after the marriage ends.

Child Custody

Divorce can be a terrifying period for children, especially when necessary to figure out how to share custody of them and access each parent’s needs. In fact, child custody cases in Annapolis are often complicated, especially if there is a dispute as to the best interests of the child. Our lawyers have experience with such matters and can help you get a favorable outcome in your case.

If an agreement can’t be reached, our attorneys representing your interests in family court will help make sure all your rights and those of your children are protected. As a parent, you want the best for your children, and having an Annapolis divorce lawyer on your side can help ensure that happens.

Child Support

In Maryland, the court makes an initial determination of child support in the form of a guideline calculation. The court uses a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s income to determine what they will pay to support their children. The court also considers whether either party should pay spousal maintenance and other factors in determining the awarded final amount.

Our Annapolis divorce lawyers will fight to make sure that you get fair child support from your former partner, and we will also fight to make sure you get the best possible settlement. We have years of experience helping parents and their children receive the support they need.

An annulment

An annulment is a process that declares that a marriage never legally existed. It is similar to a divorce, except you ask the court to declare that your marriage is not valid rather than requesting a divorce. An annulment may be requested based on certain legal grounds.

In Maryland, there must be fraud or duress used to enter into the marriage to request an annulment. Only the court can grant an annulment. An annulment does not dissolve the marriage bond, and both parties are free to remarry if they choose. If you’re looking to get an annulment in Annapolis, Maryland, then our divorce lawyers can help. Just contact us for a free consultation.


There are different types of contempt. Some examples include violating a court order by failing to attend a necessary hearing or refusing to answer questions that the court wishes to ask. This form of contempt is used when the party has not yet been served with an order. If you don’t appear for a required hearing or answer questions asked of you by the court, then you may be found in contempt and have sanctions imposed on you.

Our Annapolis divorce lawyer can help you navigate your way through this difficult legal concept if necessary. You don’t have to deal with this process on your own.

Our Annapolis divorce attorneys are highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of Maryland family law. We will diligently work towards achieving the best possible outcome for your particular case. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your case, do not hesitate to contact us at (410) 590-9401 today. One of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your potential divorce or annulment case in Maryland.

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Jimeno & Gray, P.A., is a respected Annapolis law firm that’s known for providing high-quality legal services to people throughout Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas. With a skilled team focusing on personal injury claims, divorce law, and criminal defense, our firm provides strategic representation and a strong voice for those who are coping with complex legal matters.

Founded in 2003 by two former prosecutors, Jimeno & Gray takes pride in being a small firm that offers personalized customer service to each and every client. When we take a case, we put every resource at our disposal into pursuing a positive outcome for our client.

Schedule a consultation with our team today, and let our experienced Annapolis lawyers review your case and lay out all your legal options.

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Our Annapolis law office is conveniently located just off U.S. 50 and Jennifer Road, across from Westfield Annapolis and near Anne Arundel Medical Center. You can find us at:


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You don’t have to be a resident of Annapolis or Anne Arundel County for us to represent you. We serve all of the surrounding communities. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form, and schedule a consultation on your case today.

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Our competitive legal team is made up of two former prosecutors with a deep understanding of the justice system. We know how to navigate the complex legal process to represent our clients both professionally and efficiently. We are committed to putting the necessary time and effort into your case, and you can count on our team to keep the lines of communication open throughout the entirety of your case.

Meet our team:

Our Annapolis Practice Areas

Whether you are looking for a car accident lawyer or a divorce attorney in Annapolis, our firm is here to help. Our Annapolis law firm handles a wide range of cases, including:

If you or a loved one is facing a serious legal matter, don’t try to shoulder the burden alone. Our compassionate attorneys are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your case, and let us develop a smart strategy for moving forward.

What to Expect in an Initial Legal Consultation

Most of the people we work with have never been involved in a legal matter before and have no idea what to expect. That’s why we will work hard to instill a sense of confidence in you about your case. During our initial meeting:

  • Our team will sit down with you to discuss the details of your case. We want to know exactly what has happened and who was involved.
  • We will also want to see any paperwork or other evidence you may have related to your case (accident reports, medical bills, court papers, etc.)
  • We will need any contact information you have for the other people involved in the case.
  • We also suggest that you prepare a list of questions for us to bring to this initial meeting.
  • We will outline all your legal options for moving forward and work with you to develop a legal strategy that you are comfortable with.

After this initial consultation, we will stay in regular contact with you to discuss the progress of your case and next steps. Our lawyers are always available to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to call or email us whenever you need to.

Annapolis Legal Information

Although not every case we handle goes to trial, it may be helpful for you to know where the local courthouses are in Annapolis:

District Court Annapolis

Robert F. Sweeney Building

251 Rowe Blvd.

Annapolis MD 21401-1586

(410) 260-1370

Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County

8 Church Circle

Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 222-1397

If your case does go to trial, you can count on the experienced litigators at Jimeno & Gray to provide aggressive representation in court. We will prepare you for what to expect every step of the way, and we always make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have about your case.

Law Enforcement in Annapolis

Many of the cases we handle involve local law enforcement, whether we are obtaining accident reports for a crash victim or investigating the circumstances that led to a client being charged with a crime. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may contact one of the following agencies on your behalf:

Annapolis Police Department

199 Taylor Avenue

Annapolis MD 21401

(410) 268-9000

Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office

8 Church Circle

Annapolis MD 21401

(410) 222-1490

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